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We are a Web/Mobile based IPTV solution that offers live streaming all NFL games in the most popular Sports Channels around, along with every major pay-per-view event. Our streams are in full HD (1080p) and our servers are capable of handling excessively large amounts of traffic while ensuring your television viewing remains uninterrupted.

Do You Offer returns or refunds?

Refund: honestly, we don’t want your money if you’re not happy with our service. But due to high volume of fraud activities the refund for only members who are unable to watch the video from our URL before you asking a refund you need to contact us via live chatsupport or email we will try few ways to solve your issue if we unable to provide then we will refund (If u Contact US with in 24 Hour Only)

Can I connect my computer to the television set and watch your streams on my TV instead?

Yes, you can connect your computer to the TV screen, and watch the streaming services on your TV instead of your computer. Many computer graphic cards now have S-Video outputs, which will allow you to run an S-Video cable direct from your TV or video equipment.

Is there any benefits for referring a friend?

Yes, You can get commision in reward, or free 1 month for every subscriber you refer.

I looked through the FAQ and didn't find what i was looking for!

No problem you can contact our support department by sending email at [email protected]

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We Provide Free Trial. You will not be charged any money for first 7 Days. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel any time you want

Which countries is your service available to?

Our service is avaiable world wide. So regardless of you are in Uk or United states or china for that matter. It works anywhere. You just need to have good internet connection to stream our channels smoothly.

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